Adult Workshops

For Sustainable Living

Growing Flowers

in Teton Valley

May 1, 2021

10 am to 12 pm

Join us at the beautiful Full Circle Farm in Victor, ID for an adult workshop focused on growing flowers in your backyard. Erika Eschholz, a local flower connoisseur and owner of Full Circle Farm, will be teaching this workshop. You will go home with some flower goodies including dahlia tubers, sweet pea starts and more! 

Dahlia Flower

No-Till Gardening

pt1: July 12th, 2021
pt2: August 16th, 2021
pt3: September 20th, 2021

This workshop provides an introduction to the "no-till" garden method. Learn from one of the most knowledgeable no-till practitioners in the Greater Teton Area, Josh Arthur of Foraging Farmers. You will get a sneak peak at his 4-year old no till garden set-up, and be able to check out how to create a no-till garden set up from scratch.

Organic Carrots
Young Farmer with Flock of Chickens

Backyard Chickens 102
July 26th, 2021

Already have laying chickens? Want to expand your flock, improve your run and overall better the quality of care you provide for your feathered friends? This workshop is for you. Taught by the knowledgable Josh Arther of the Foraging Farmers in Victor, ID.

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