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For Sustainable Living

We are updating our workshop lineup regularly, so check back to see what's coming next!


Keeping a Family Cow

June 10th, 9am-11am

Interested in learning about what a cow can bring to your family or simply curious about the process? Even if you aren't considering having a cow, but want to learn more about life with a milk cow - the responsibilities, the seasonality, the health benefits, and what to do with all that raw milk, this workshop is for you!  Family friendly! (kids aged 7+ please as Tinkerbell, the cow, prefers a quiet audience). Julie and Tim Morley look forward to introducing future generations to this age-old practice of having a family cow in the yard. Join us for the morning milking to learn about keeping a milk cow and the satisfaction and sense of well-being you get from being intimately connected to your food source.

Wild Edible Plant Walk

June 24th, 9am-noon

Join Kevin Taylor on a short walk through an organic farm, adjacent forest and along a spring-fed creek as you tune into the plant life around you. Learn ways to identify plants that can be eaten or utilized in a variety of ways. Beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike are welcome to come, learn and share knowledge. Take a close look at plants, do some tasting, collect some if you'd like, and discuss some of their ethnobotanical uses. Kids 7 years and older are welcome to accompany an adult to this workshop.

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Gift Cards Available

Know someone who would enjoy one of our workshops? Give them the gift of education with a gift card they can use to attend one or more of our workshops.

More Workshops to Look Forward to

The 2023 schedule is still taking shape, but we hope it will include: making natural self-care and immune-boosting products, creating and using natural dyes, regenerative landscaping, raising and processing meat birds, cheese-making, preserving the harvest, and wreath making. 

Previous Workshops

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Growing Sprouts and Microgreens
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Is there a sustainable-living practice that you want to learn more about?

Are you interested in teaching your skill to our community? 

Share your thoughts to get some new workshops on the schedule! 

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