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For Sustainable Living

We are updating our workshop lineup regularly, so check back to see what's coming next!


Vermicomposting Workshop

May 15th, 5:30-7:30pm

Learn all about creating an indoor home composting system using red worms (also known as vermicomposting). This type of composting is probably one of the easiest types of home composting that transforms your food waste into rich, organic plant fertilizer in just a few short months. It is great for composting year-round and indoors, and is especially suitable for people living in small spaces, as no garden space is required! All you need is indoor space for approximately a 20" x 30" storage bin. It works, even if you're lazy! Come ready to build your own bin and leave with everything you need to start composting. (yes, worms are included!)

Growing an Edible and Medicinal Landscape

June 8th, 2:30-4pm

Would you like to grow more food in the Tetons, but you don't have the time to devote to a vegetable garden? Alison Godlewski will give us a tour of her edible landscape where we can see and taste many of the perennials and self-seeding annuals that she has cultivated. There's more than you think! She will talk about how you can grow your own nutritious herbs, berries, seeds, greens, flowers, and more with minimal effort, and will discuss how to harvest and use them as well.

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Edible Plant Walk

June 22nd, Session 1: 9am-noon Session 2: 1-4pm

Join Kevin Taylor on a short walk through an organic farm, adjacent forest, and along a spring-fed creek as you tune into the plant life around you. Learn ways to identify plants that can be eaten or utilized in a variety of ways. Beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike are welcome to come, learn, and share knowledge. Take a close look at plants, do some tasting, collect some if you'd like, and discuss some of their ethnobotanical uses. Kids 7 years and older are welcome to accompany an adult to this workshop.

Regenerative Landscaping
Connecting with Trees, Plants and Soil

July 13th noon-3pm

Whether you have a small backyard or acreage, this workshop will help you understand how to create and support a healthy ecosystem in your yard. Your goals could be to grow native plants, ornamentals, and/or food. All can exist and cooperate in healing the soil to promote biodiversity and healthy populations of pollinators, birds, small animals, and people! Julie and Tim will give you a tour of the work that they are undertaking on their property, discuss simple methods to heal and connect with the piece of land you are honored to steward, and talk about the successes and challenges they have had along the way. They will also do a tree planting demo, get you involved in creating an area for future planting, and show you how to inoculate the soil with local microbes. You'll leave the workshop equipped with knowledge of how to foster a healthy ecosystem. Participants can also sign up to have Julie and Tim help plan and/or plant a mini forest/plant ecosystem on their property.


Gift Cards Available

Know someone who would enjoy one of our workshops? Give them the gift of education with a gift card they can use to attend one or more of our workshops.

More Workshops to Look Forward to

Coming up in 2024, we'll have workshops on herbal medicine, field dressing, food preservation, and more.

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